Lady Slaps Boyfriend In Public | WATCH

A young man has been served with one of the most embarrassing moments of his life following his brave move to propose to his girlfriend in public to court attention.

Well, the attention he was seeking was short-lived and flawed by the unexpected reaction of the woman he was attempting to woo and win her heart for the alter.

In a trending video on social media, the man could be seen on his knees stretching forth his hand with a ring to propose to the lady but the end result was nothing far from brutal.

The lady reciprocated the proposal with insults in the full glare of bystanders, claiming that he has not been able to cater for her needs hence there’s no need to move on to the next level of their relationship.

The enraged lady crowned the man’s humiliation by slapping him and immediately left the scene.

Watch the video below to know more…

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