Married Woman Who Has Been Sleeping With Her Brother For 11 Years Gets Pregnant

A married Ghanaian woman has revealed that she has been dating and having sex with his older blood brother for the past eleven years and that they are currently expecting a child.

According to her, although they have both become of age, with her brother being 28 years old while she is 26, they have continued the relationship.

Sharing her dilemma with the world, she wrote to Citi FM/Citi TV’s Sister relationship show by disclosing that the incestuous sexual relationship started when they were both underage and their parents were away for a trip to the USA.

Now in a state of confusion, she wants advice on how to tell her husband that she has gotten pregnant for her own blood-brother.

I was 15 then and my brother was 17. I was bathing one evening when I forgot my towel so I asked him to get it for me. He opened the door and started to make advances towards me, telling me how curvy I had become all of a sudden.

“Before I knew it we were kissing. He hurriedly took off his clothes and joined me in the bathroom. We made love and that was when I lost my virginity. After this, we started dating. We slept together in the same room for a month until our parents got back from their trip. Even that, once in a while I manage to sneak into his room to have sex. We fell in love and managed to hide it from our parents. We promised not to date any other person in our lives,” she narrated in a letter that was uploaded to the Facebook page of Sister Sister.

She went further to say that her brother recently kowtowed to pressures from their parents to get a girlfriend, who he brought home to introduce to the family.

She then felt betrayed, and as a means of ensuring that she doesn’t lose her brother to another woman, she deliberately trapped him into impregnating him.

“I’m 26 and working while my brother is 28 heading our dad’s business.

Everything was rosy until our parents started to mount pressure on us to get married and settle down. They started getting worried about how my brother had not even bothered to introduce a lady to them.

“I got so irritated and furious with him and his response was that we can’t do this forever. After sleeping with him for 11 years this is the heartbreak I get?

So, I also decided to get pregnant so I could keep him all to myself,” 

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