Rapper Cardi B Threatens Death On Nicole Arbour's Mother


Rapper, Cardi B has threatened death on comedienne Nicole Arbour's mother.


The pair had a Twitter spat that escalated with Cardi telling Nicole that her mother will die.


It began with Cardi B posting a snippet of Offset dressed up as the Joker, rapping along to the song lyrics "Catch a body broad day/Shoot 'em in the hallway."


Nicole Arbour reacted, telling Cardi that Offset's cousin, Takeoff, was just shot earlier this month and he is already singing about gun violence.

Cardi B fired back at Nicole and told her that Offset has not entered a studio since Takeoff died.

Nicole then reposted the video of Offset that Cardi shared and said she was sure it was Offset rapping about murder with a fake gun.

Nicole added that even if the video was made before Takeoff's death, it was wrong to promote it.

Cardi fired back and told Nicole that her community doesn't sing about mass shooting and getting intimate with their cousins, yet it is still rampant.


Nicole responded, telling Cardi that her brother-in-law was just murdered yet she is posting videos about killing people.

Cardi wrote back to Nicole: "Your mother is going to die."

Nicole didn't take Cardi's message lightly and she shared a screenshot of the tweet with her followers and asked if Cardi just threatened to murder her mother.


Nicole then made reference to Cardi's assault case where she ordered her entourage to beat up two sisters in a strip club and she asked Cardi if she was going to do the same to her.

Cardi B hit back, accusing her of chasing clout with Takeoff's death.

Nicole told Cardi that she is promoting the same thing that traumatised her family.

Cardi B then posted a series of screenshots alleging Nicole has made racist remarks on social media in the past. 

Nicole hit back, claiming the posts Cardi shared were fake.

Cardi then posted a meme with the caption: "My eye is twitching for violence... I must control myself."

Cardi also shared a post by a follower defending her and wrote: "Thank you."


Nicole then quote-tweeted Cardi's "thank you" and tweeted at her in Spanish. In the tweet, Nicole insisted that promoting music about murder will cause the violence to continue.


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