Databank Shuts Offices, Tells Staff To Work From Home Due To Attacks

Databank has closed down its offices nationwide effective Thursday, Dec. 22, 2022, to Jan. 10, 2023and asked staff to work remotely following attacks and threats from clients.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the Investment and fund management firm said it is faced with challenges in paying withdrawal requests owing to the ‘macro-economic crisis’ facing the country.

Databank said while some clients have cooperated with the company, “there are several clients who have felt the need to abuse our staff physically and verbally, and also threaten their lives as well as their families.”

In a bid not to endanger the lives of staff by opening the office without any available liquidity, the firm said it has “no choice but to move to a work-from-home option”.

During this period, and that while its offices will be physically closed, “we will continue to serve you and process transactions remotely, and all our digital channels will remain open just as we did during Covid. However, we cannot

The firm said even though its offices will be physically closed, it will continue to serve clients and process transactions remotely, and all digital channels will remain open.

Read the full statement by Databank below.

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