Guy Shocked As A Hook-Up Girl His Friend Booked Happens To Be His Girlfriend | WATCH


A guy in love received the shock of his life after he unexpectedly found out that his serious girlfriend is a sex worker.

Apparently, the guy’s friend had booked a hook-up girl to enjoy himself that very hot afternoon but after the lady arrived things didn’t go as earlier planned.

The brokenhearted guy saw his girlfriend but he initially assumed his eyes were playing tricks on him because he had visited his friend to perhaps play some video games as most guys do.

He sought permission from his friend to allow him to enter his bedroom in order for him to verify if the hook-up girl is his girlfriend or not.

Lo and behold, the lady was truly his girlfriend who he stayed with for more than two years.

After the lady was caught red-handed, she started begging for mercy and claimed it was the first time and not what her boyfriend is thinking.

The guy refused to buy into her lies and ignored her crocodile tears in the process.

Watch the video below:

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