Lady Marries Her Own Biological Father


There’s almost no sanity left in this world. It’s chaotic at every angle you turn to.

A beautiful woman is receiving backlash after she revealed that her father is her soulmate and they are happily married.

The woman identified on Facebook as Jimi Meaux shared an old photo of herself and a certain man when she was a little girl.

And then another one which shows them holding each other in a compromising way while kissing.

Posting the photos on Facebook, Jimi Meaux captioned it:

“Started as father and daughter, ended as husband and wife! Sometimes your soulmate is your parent! #TansformationTuesday #LoveIsLove.”

Although she sought to advise people to start searching for soulmates in their parents, social media users found both her conduct and advice not only disgusting but also shocking.

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