Mother Abandons Kids 6 & 4 To Stay With New Boyfriend Following Her Husband’s Death


A piece of a very sad news that has caught the attention of many social media users and left them teary in the process reveals how a wicked mother abandoned her own daughters after her hubby’s burial.

According to reports, the Congolese kids lost their father a few weeks ago in the hospital after battling a long chronic illness.

Just days after the father who was the family’s breadwinner’s burial, the innocent kids woke up to find out their mother has fled home.

Rumours suggest that she’s now living with her new lover in a different town.

At the moment, the kids whose names have been given as Natalie (6) and Josephine (4) are left alone with no one to take care of them, not even a single relative to watch over them.

Speaking to some newsmen who went to their house to cover the heart-wrenching story, the hopeless kids said;

Our mother packed her bags and went as if she was going to work, but she just never returned. She did not even bid farewell to us to know that she won’t return.

We just kept waiting for her to return in vain. Days passed weeks and months and that’s when we realized that she totally abandoned us, and the odds of not returning are stacked high.

Netizens who have come across this story have called on authorities to immediately arrest the heartless mother.

Some kind-hearted persons have also opted to financially help the estranged kids who were unlucky to have a callous mother.

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