Nigeria: Siblings Banished From Community For Committing Incest


A young Nigerian guy and his sister have been banished from Enugu community for committing incest.

According to a video which is currently making rounds on social media, the two siblings were caught having sex inside the bush.

They were caught during the intercourse by one of the elders of the community who later reported them to the chief.

After investigations, it was found out that indeed, they committed incest and had to be banished as tradition demands because sleeping with a sibling is considered a great abomination in Enugu.

Counselling and redirecting and a good explanation on why this is outlawed plus family support would have done the magic. Why ‘banishment’?

What do you expect them to do now? This is so evil. I am not in support of incest but of all the evil going on in Nigeria, and these poor souls are being punished harshly like this?

And people are getting away with murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, rape and treasury looting just to mention a few.

This ‘banishing’ custom should be abolished! They can be punished in a different way and warned to never do it again.

These grown-ass men must have committed/may still be committing their own ‘individual evil’ activities they are forming morality police officers just because they have also not been caught yet.

Watch the video below:

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