Shoes Belonging To Christian Atsu Reportedly Found But No Sign Of Him Under Rubble


It’s been eight days since a massive earthquake hit Turkey and Syria, killing more than 25,000 people. The death toll continues to rise each day passes by.

The Hataway Residence building in which the former Newcastle and Chelsea player was lodging on the 9th floor was destroyed by the quake.

After many days of search and rescue efforts, Turkish officials confirmed that Atu’s room has been detected as thermal cameras picked up heat signatures indicating many people are still alive in the wreckage.

This new report rekindled hopes that Christian Atsu, as well as many victims trapped, would be rescued alive as rescue workers have received the enhanced equipment to speed up their work.

After many hours of work, the rescue team told the media that no living or dead person can be rescued from the Residence A1 Block.

Following this harsh reality that has dawned on everyone, the hope that Christian Atsu would be rescued alive has completely been shattered.

Newly surfaced reports claim that shoes thought to belong to Christian Atsu have been retrieved from the rubble but there’s no sign of the player – either alive or dead.

Meanwhile, the relatives of Christian Atsu are still waiting in front of the collapsed Hataway Residence building where the player is believed to be trapped under rubble.

An image of them at the site show despair on their faces, despite keeping hopes alive that the player may be found.

Search and rescue efforts are ongoing after one week.

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