Chance The Rapper Filmed 'Dancing Inappropriately' With Model At Jamaican Carnival


Chance The Rapper was filmed dancing "inappropriately" with another woman at Carnival 2023 in Jamaica.

The Voice star, who is married to Kirsten Corley and shares two children Marli and Kensli, was shown to be grinding on another woman's bottom as she danced into his groin.

The video was uploaded to Instagram by the woman, model Mela Millz, who Chance was dancing with and he is seen slapping her butt as he leans back into the dance.

He's shirtless wearing just a pair of shorts and his signature "3" hat, while Mela is dressed in a racy yet traditional and colourful Carnival costume.

As the video went viral online, many fans fumed over his supposed "unfaithfulness" towards his wife Kirsten while others argued that he was simply enjoying his 30th birthday on the island and embracing the Caribbean culture.

"He was just dancing til he started slapping,” one onlooker said.

A third put: "Chancellor where is yo wifeeee" and another said: "He has no class."

"This is definitely not inappropriate unless he and his wife had a conversation & she didn’t want him to attend. If you attend then you may end up dancing & having fun. That’s the point of the event," a fifth explained.

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