Pizzaman Chickenman Introduces The Irresistible Morbella Pizza!

Pizzaman Chickenman is excited to introduce Morbella Pizza, the newest addition to their menu, right in the center of flavor innovation. This pizza is a delectable combination of savory ingredients, and it's delicious blend of beef and mortadella toppings is sure to change your taste buds.

Imagine this: an enticing combination of ingredients baked to the ideal crunch on a golden-brown crust. The Morbella Pizza demonstrates Pizzaman Chickenman's commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional pizza and providing an experience that is above and beyond the ordinary.

The Morbella Pizza, available in three sizes: Small GHC60,Medium GHC70, and Large GHC115, and with a double option for those craving extra indulgence at GHC135, promises an explosion of flavors in every bite. The combination of mortadella and beef creates a symphony of tastes that will leave patrons craving more.

Pizzaman Chickenman has been on a phenomenal journey, capping the year 2023 with an impressive milestone of 65+ outlets and a dedicated team of over 1,000+ staff members. The brand's rapid growth in just three years of operation is a testament to its commitment to delivering exceptional quality and flavors that resonate with its expanding customer base.

The Morbella Pizza is an excellent option for a quick lunch, a family meal, or a feast for a special occasion. Because of its distinctive ingredient combination, it stands out as a great choice for pizza lovers looking for something special. 

To ensure the security of your order, Pizzaman Chickenman provides several reliable methods for placing your order. You can conveniently use the Chris B App, reach out to their hotline at 0302753430, send a text on their verified Instagram account (@PizzamanChickenman), or simply visit any of their outlets in person. Choose the method that suits you best and enjoy a secure and hassle-free ordering experience with Pizzaman Chickenman.

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