Kobi Rana Is A Gay, He Tried Sleeping With Me : Rap Fada Says

Ghanaian rapper, Rap Fada has made some wild allegations against his colleague industry player, Kobi Rana.

Rap Fada has alleged that actor, director, and musician, Kobi Rana is gay.

Rap Fada made this shocking revelation during an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje on Angel FM which KUBILIVE.com monitored.

In buttressing his assertion, Rap Fada stated that Kobi Rana tried to sleep with him.

Narrating the story, Rap Fada said Koby Rana visited him the last time but that time he had already gotten some friends.

According to him, they fell asleep, and surprisingly enough, whilst he was asleep, he felt someone was trying to sleep with him.

Rap Fada noted that he woke up only to find out that Kobi Rana was trying to sleep with him, which stopped him.

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