Beautiful Bride Refuses To Marry Her Groom On Their Wedding Day | WATCH


Marriage is a very integral part of human life hence people go to all ends just to spend the rest of their lives with the people they truly love.

An innocent groom witnessed the shock of his life after his bride refused to marry him on their wedding day.

It was all colourful in the early moments of their big day as they both left home to the church to present their union before the lord but unfortunately, things turned sour during the exchange of vows.

When it got to the turn of the bride to pledge her commitment to the groom, she firmly stated that she was not interested in the marriage anymore.

The pastor who was officiating the marriage could believe his eyes and the words of the bride hence asked her once again if she was ready to spend the rest of her live with her groom to which she replied in the affirmative NO.

The church auditorium was immediately set into a state of confusion as the well-wishers murmured in complete shock.

Watch the video below:

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