Man Begs For Help Online After Girlfriend’s Family Presented Him With Items Needed For His Wedding


A Nigerian man has taken to the internet to solicit help after his girlfriend’s family presented him with the list of items needed for his wedding.

The young man shared his wedding list with Halal Matchmaking, a platform on Twitter that helps Muslims find their spouses.

In the list, the man was asked to pay for some items including four Dubai Hijabs at $80 each, five laces at $80 each, five pieces of jewellery at $100 each, rent and many more.

The grand total of the listed items is $1,285 which is equivalent to GHs 11,459.51.

According to the guy who gave his name as Hassan, his parents died when he was just in SS2 therefore he was the one who looked after himself until he completed the polytechnic.

He currently holds a diploma in computer science but unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to get a job yet reason he wants financial aid from social media users in order to meet the requirements of his fiancee’s family.

Alot of social media users have advised him to take a second look at his decision to marry since he’s jobless considering the fact that he won’t be able to feed his family even if he receives help to pay for the wedding items. 

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