The Real Story Of Dr Beckley, The Infamous Ghanaian Ritual Killer


Did you ever learn about Dr Beckley as a child? Everyone in Ghana feared the medical doctor and occultist who, according to several reports, feasted on his victims’ flesh and drank their blood.

Is that all Dr Beckley was up to, or is there more to the story?

Doctor and occultist Dr Sri Yogi Ram Beckley allegedly abducted schoolchildren and sacrificed them to his gods.

He had numerous school uniforms and human skulls in his home in Fadama, Accra when he was initially apprehended in 1994.

In court, he was accused of kidnapping and abusing a third-grade student. Later, the court released him from his sentence.

Dr Beckley was fired in response to the Attorney General’s office’s request to halt the trial.

After the Adjabeng Community Tribunal denied Dr Beckley’s release, a Regional Tribunal granted him five million cedis (500 GH) bail on June 25, 1994. Dr Beckley had pleaded not guilty to the accusation.

In 2002, he reappeared in Gbawe and was accused of kidnapping a second 13-year-old girl and her friend.

He dragged the other girl to his room while tying the first one to a tree. When the girl who was tied to the tree cried for assistance, onlookers came to her rescue.

When the situation was ultimately reported to the authorities, his home was inspected, but the girl who had been taken into his room was never located. An outraged crowd once more set fire to his home.

According to reports, Beckley used the lie that he was going to buy some vegetables from the girl to get her to come to his house.

Dr. Beckley was arrested on April 14 for kidnapping two teenage girls, one of whom was 13 years old, and taking them to his home in New Glasgow that evening.

Dr. Beckley allegedly phoned the girls who were purportedly selling tomatoes and offered to buy all of their goods if they would accompany him to his house in his car. The kids supposedly went to live with Dr. Beckley.

He is alleged to have dragged the second girl inside the house’s room after tying one of the females to a tree in the yard.

The other girl, who had been carried into one of the house’s rooms, was not found during a police search of his home, though.

Police stationed 24-hour security at Dr. Beckley’s home to deter local youngsters from attacking and torching it, but they eventually did. Numerous individuals surrounded the house and stoned police officers and firefighters working there.

His multi-story home in New Fadama had high walls and fencing, preventing anyone from seeing what was happening inside.

Also, it made it more difficult for his victims to flee. He allegedly gorged on his victims’ flesh and drank their blood.

His residence has since been transformed into a church’s house of worship and a camp for prayer.

Back then, parents would keep their kids hidden in the bedroom out of concern that they would be kidnapped by Dr. Beckley and used in rituals.

Other parents had to safeguard their children from Dr. Beckley by going with them to and from school with clubs and weapons.

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