Anyone Who Earns Less Than 2K Must Not Drink Tea With Bread And Eggs : Economist


A Ghanaian economist has proposed ways for people with low incomes to live within their means.

He has proposed that anyone who earns less than GHC2,000 must desist from eating rich and overspending.

Dr Evans Nunoo initiated that made no sense for people who take between GHC1,0000 and GHC2,00 to be drinking tea, bread with egg and salad.

“Two thousand Ghana cedis is a small amount if you look at our current economic situation. If you have to pay school fees and other bills. If you are a young person yet to start a family, 2000 cedis might be okay. Though you may want more.

“But if you are a family person, you don’t have the luxury of drinking tea and bread with eggs and milk. It’s too complex. Some of them even add salad,” he said.

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